Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hey There Delilah!

I am so excited to introduce my latest downloadable kit...Deerly Delilah!  The full downloadable pattern and instructions for Delilah are available for $4.00.  When completed Deerly Delilah is roughly 20" and can hang on any wall, door, or wreath hanger. There are so many fun ideas for customizing Delilah.  I hope you will enjoy crafting with her and having her in your home.
To complete Delilah you will need the following supplies: 
Digital pattern printed onto cardstock for tracing
6-8 sheets of 12x12 patterned paper. *The wreath base requires three sheets of the same paper*
1 piece of 12x12 chipboard or a cardboard box you can cut
ribbon for hanging
rhinestones for eyes or other embellishments as desired

Tools you need:
brown ink for distressing (i used Chalk Ink Creamy Brown), foam pop dots, paper adhesive, glue gun, scissors, paper trimmer, pencil, hole punch, a large plate (as close to 12x12 as possible) to trace background circle

Optional tools that will make this project so much easier: scoring tool(like a scor-pal), scor tape

Deerly Delilah Downloadable Pattern $4.00

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Vintage Valentine's Printables

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I have been scoping out fun projects to bring a little love to friends and family.

I am completely giddy over these adorable free printables from Paper Gravy!

Nikki designed a range of free Valentines Day (Beatles inspired!) printables for you to make using various images from the lovely graphics fairy website! 

Here are her step by step instructions for crafting up a gift label which you can personalize with your own hand written message, and a range of buffet flags and  2" circles which are great as cupcake toppers or party favors.


color printer, scissors, double sided tape (or glue), lolly pop stick /straws/ cocktail sticks, 2" circle craft punch (not essential)

To make the Buffet flags; 


Click HERE for the full size Printable PDF

Print off the buffet flag page onto letter size or A4 size paper. Fold flags in half along the dotted line.

Cut out each flag carefully with scissors.

Place straw or cocktail pick/lolly pop stick inside the fold of the flag.

then stick both sides together using double sided tape.

Your flags are now ready to decorate your valentine's buffet!

Bottle Gift Label; 


Click HERE for the full size Printable PDF

Print off and cut out the label, carefully cut out the inner circle to the required size. 

Fold each section of the label (you can also cut off the small section of the tag and use as a gift tag) 

Pop over your chosen bottle, fill out your own personal message on the tag at the back.

Cupcake Toppers 


Click HERE for the full size Printable PDF

Cut out each topper using either a 2" circle craft punch, or using scissors. 

Secure to a lolly pop stick/straw using a small amount of sticky tape.

Use as cupcake toppers, party favour decorations or anything else you can think of!...

Nikki made her own coordinating bunting by cutting out triangles of patterned paper, attached together with ribbon. Finally, decorate with your circles! 

Create your own bottle decorations using ribbon tied around the bottle neck and held in place with a circular topper! 

What an amazing tutorial and download!

If you like these designs, pop over to for many other vintage inspired printables!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Owl Calendar

2014 has arrived and it's headed for GREATNESS!!!
This year, I'm starting the new year off right with a great, FREE PRINTABLE CALENDAR from My Owl Barn.
2014 Owl Lovers Calendar via homework | carolynshomework.comThis calendar is the perfect size to sit comfortably on your desk or end table.  Love, Love, Love!

2014 Owl Lovers Calendar via homework |
My Barn Owl works with over 50 artists from all over the world each putting their own unique spin and talent into artwork of an owl.

Owl Lover Calendar
All 50 images are available for you to select from when customizing your own calendar. You simply select the image you like and assign it a month. When you are down with all twelve months, you can save a PDF to your computer and print it out.

2014 Owl Lovers Calendar via homework | carolynshomework.comIt really is the perfect desk accessory!  It's a great way to start the new year right!

2014 Owl Lovers Calendar via homework |
I love the variety of images to choose from, the challenge is choosing just 12!
2014 Owl Lovers Calendar via homework |

2014 Owl Lovers Calendar via homework |

2014 Owl Lovers Calendar via homework |

2014 Owl Lovers Calendar via homework |

2014 Owl Lovers Calendar via homework | carolynshomework.comThis calendar makes a great little January drop by gift for friends or neighbors.  Just customize, print on card stock, cut and deliver.  Hoo-Ray!!!

Head on over to My Barn Owl to create and print your very own 2014 Owl Lover Calendar.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to School Countdowns on Studio 5

The last sun-kissed days of summer are upon us, and that means it's time to start counting down to the first day of school.  Here are five fun and simple ways to celebrate heading to the classroom. 

1. Chalk it Up with Library Cards:  An ordinary chalkboard becomes a scholastic countdown by adding a few vintage library pockets. Making your own is so easy.
Just print and cut my library cards on white cardstock.  Write daily challenges, chores or activities on each card.
Cut strips of coordinating patterned paper to 3.5x6.5 and fold into a pocket.  Wrap a 1/2 inch strip of coordinating paper around pockets to secure.
Punch holes in top of pockets and thread with ribbon or baker's twine.
Tie ends of twine to chalkboard as desired.
Apply sticker letters as a title or write in chalk directly on chalk board.

2. Lunch Sack Surprise: Getting new school supplies is always a treat!  Instead of turning supplies over to your kids in one lump sum, use lunch sacks to create a school-lunch surprise.
All you need to complete this countdown are 10 classic lunch sacks, my lunch sack tags, a stapler and school supplies for each bag.  Print and cut my lunch sack tags onto cardstock.  Place a supply or treat in each sack and fold down top.  Use a stapler to secure tag.

3. Clip It Up Countdown:  A basic clipboard is easily transformed into a spiffy countertop countdown.
To complete this project, you'll need a memo size clipboard, my clipboard countdown (printed on white paper and cut to size), ribbon and stickers as desired.  Once assembled, have your children change out the sheets each day until school arrives.

4. An Apple-A-Day Brings School Our Way:  You can create this decorative countdown using a jar you already have at home, or buy a new apothecary jar.  Fill the jar with as many apples as desired and attach my apple countdown tag with ribbon.  It's as easy as that!

5. Print and Color:  This free printable from is so user friendly.  They have 4 different countdown options, so you're sure to find one that fits your print and use needs.  I love the coloring book option that allows kids to customize their own countdown.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Simple Summer Invites

We all know summer is full of fun outdoor parties.  Well, why not start those parties off with a show stopping invitation?  Here are six simple summer invites that will get your bash rolling!

For a Swim Party:

Flip Flop-Print invitation on cardstock and then trace your flip flop onto the printed paper.  Cut out the invation along the drawn edge and adhere to inside of sandal.
Arm Floaty-Float on By- Blow up arm floaty and tuck a printed 1/4 page printed invitation into the center.  Use the tagline "Float on By"

For a BBQ:

Napkin- Print an invitation on standard white paper.  Cut and adhere to napkin.  Wrap colorful silverware in the napkin and tie with baker's twine. Attach a little BBQ tag for an extra touch.
You can also simplify by printing your invitation on cardstock and adhering it to the plain napkin.

Soda Pop Can- Pop on by- Print your invitation on standard print paper.  Cut invitation and wrap and adhere to pop can.  Use the tagline "Pop" on by.

Neighborhood Gathering:

Water Balloon- Print invite on paper strip. Roll strip up and tuck it inside balloon. Blow up balloon and tie a "you're invited" tag onto the ballon tie.  Guests will pop the balloon to get the invitation.  We hope you'll "pop" over to our neighborhood bash.

Ticket Strip- Print invitation details on word strips and attach to the back side of a ticket roll. Fold tickets and tie with a string or twine.  Guests will open their ticket to fun to retreive party details.