Friday, October 1, 2010

Spooky Window Decor on Studio 5

Today on Studio 5 we showed how to create original Halloween window decor using black vinyl and clipart. 
To make your own vinyl window art simply follow these easy steps:
What you need:
Black Vinyl (available in 24X36″ sheets at Heartland for $6.99)
Scraper Tool (available at Heartland for $3.99
Clip Art Patterns
-you can download and print the images we used in 2 different sizes (The template guide shows you the entire printout as well as how they will print so that you can match the pieces together correctly.)
Small Templates (sized to 30X30 Windows
Or, make your own templates in Microsoft Publisher or other design program by following the steps below (I know that I mentioned using Microsoft Word in the program, but it turns out it isn’t compatible with the sizing.  I am so sorry for the confusion.  If you have a specific window size that you would like our images made to, email me at and I will resize it for you).
In Microsoft Publisher:
1. Open a new document.  Go into the page size settings and click on “Custom Page Size”, enter in your window dimensions.  Your page size now reflects the actual size of your window.
2. Find your desired images online (I found lots of images by searching in Google Images) You can search for specific things…Witch Silhouette or just search for Halloween Silhouette Clipart.  Free is always good too.
3. Import the images you find into Microsoft Publisher by using copy/paste or by saving the image to your computer and then inserting it into your document.
4.Once the images are on your page, click on the image (you will see drop and drag circles on each corner). Click on a corner and pull the image until it fits on your page as desired.
5. Right click on the image and then choose Format Image.  Click on the Picture tab. Under Image control options, click on the drop down box and choose washout. This will make your image grey instead of black. You want to make sure to do this so that you don’t use up all your black ink.
6. When you have the images the way you want them, select print. Your printer will automatically tile the image onto 8.5X11 pages that you can then piece together.
Once you have your images printed, tape the patterns together and cut them out.  Place them on your vinyl and tape them in place.  Then cut them out of the vinyl. 
With larger images, you will want to tape the vinyl to your window to get them in place.  Peel the backing off slowly and a little bit at a time. The vinyl clings to the window just like a sticker.
When you want to remove the images, just pull the vinyl up. If it needs a little help, heat it up with a blow dryer and it will come right off.
Happy Haunting! 
To make a spider web, just cut strips of vinyl at different lengths and copy the image above.  This spider web was pieced using only strips.  Just get creative and have fun.
DSC_0137  DSC_0138
DSC_0143  DSC_0145
DSC_0156  DSC_0162  DSC_0163  DSC_0169


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