Saturday, February 26, 2011

So I am a boot junkie....

It's just that when you wake up on a late February morning to this:
Sometimes the only thing that will break you out of the slump (like when you feel like you deserve a great reward just for hanging up your piles of laundry that have been stacking up for days on end-yeah me!) is to throw on an adorable pair of boots that can only be worn on snowy days! 

Perhaps some that look like this: (Ok- maybe I just wanted to have an excuse to show off my cute snow boots, but can you blame me?)
It's just that they have fluffy fur cuffs and an adorable pink sole.
They almost make 6" of snow on February 26th bearable.

Okay, time to play with some spring paper to get me thinking happy, sunny thoughts!  Can't wait to share some fun "birdie" ideas on Studio 5 next Friday.

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