Friday, March 4, 2011

Hello Birdie! Today on Studio 5

Spring is definitely in the air and today on Studio 5, I showed three different ideas for using birds to bring the fresh season indoors. Check out these fun projects and be sure to grab the free downloads!

Mini Birdie Cages
These miniature bird cages are great for adding a little flair to table tops or shelves. They are super simple to make and take very little paper so they are inexpensive too.  I filled mine with a little spanish moss and put mine on little pedestal vases on my book shelf.  They also make an easy table centerpiece. Try placing them on different levels of candlesticks to create a varied effect. You will love it!

Birdie Wall Art
These cute paper pieced wall hangings are a perfect way to bring Spring onto a drab wall.  Customize them to your personal taste by choosing patterned paper that matches your decor.

I made up each of these wall hangings in a frame from Dollar Tree- that's right they were just $1 for each 8.5X11 frame.  They had a huge variety to choose from but you could also do this project on a piece of canvas or wood.
 To make each frame, I simply cut a piece of patterned paper to fit and put it behind the glass.  All of the other elements of these wall hangings were placed on top of the glass to add a dimensional effect.

 Flock of Flying Birdies
Corners and high up areas are the hardest place to fill, aren't they?  This is a fun idea for filling in the gaps. It is also awesome for above the kitchen table.  You can create your own little flock of birds that can fly from the ceiling or even a chandelier.  Get creative and spread them around different areas of your house. 

Hang different patterns and sizes of birds from varying levels.
Get creative with bending tails and folding wings to create variety.

I used the brand new "Hello Luscious" line from Basic Grey to complete all of these birdie projects.  It is fresh on the market and should be arriving in stores this week! This line is absolutely adorable and it has loads of fabulous prints in bold colors.  I loved using it as an alternative to the classic Spring pastels. To view the entire Basic Grey line, visit their website by clicking on an image below.

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  1. Where do I get the patterns for these cute birds? I clicked the link but it did not work.