Friday, March 11, 2011

Leprechaun Law-(Just in case you catch one this week)

If caught by a mortal, so the legend goes, a leprechaun may offer to tell you where his hoard of gold is hidden in return for his freedom. The leprechaun must tell the truth, for in this it is bound by courtesy and fairy law. But only so long as you look it in the eye, as courtesy demands. You must never take your eye off of it for even an instant, for that frees the leprechaun from any obligation of courtesy, and it will vanish.

I know that I for one am definitely going to be keeping my eyes out for one of these pocket sized men!  Who couldn't use an extra pot of gold? In the meantime, I thought this adorable vintage image would make a quick and easy St. Patty's day card or tag. Just click and save or print it for your project. Enjoy!

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