Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Silly April Fools

April Fools Day is the perfect time to summon your inner jokester! With the prank filled day coming up tomorrow, I thought I would share some fun ideas for creating lots of silly laughs with your friends and family. The trick with April Fools is finding fun little jokes that don't make a big mess!  These are some clean and simple ideas I found around the web. Enjoy!
These fake stuffed potatoes make a fun side dish for your dinner meal. They are also for kids to play chef with after the prank is complete. To see the easy instructions for making these spuds visit
How easy is this funny little prank? Just grab a pair of your hubby's pants and shoes and you are set to create a "Fake Daddy Joke".  For detailed instructions visit: 

The following ideas came from the Martha Stewart website.  
Make solid milk with just a little gelatin.
Create a telephone disaster by taping down the receiver button-for those of you who still have a "REAL PHONE"
Rearrange a spouse or older child's drawers.

*APRIL FOOLS WARNING: Remember....What goes around, comes around.  Keep your eyes open for silly little jokes that others will be playing on you too!

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