Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Timely Birthday Wish and Paper Piecing Too!

Since one of my best friends had a birthday today and my little sister's birthday is coming up quick, I thought I would just make this an all around birthday week. Here is the card I created for my friend  Cydnee.  Happy Thirty-Wonderful Cyd!

I got the inspiration for this little paper pieced birdie from one of my paper crafting friends.  Erinne teaches embossing at Roberts and she is also an AMAZING artist!  Everything she does has so many unique details and special touches.  I love admiring her work.  The other day we were discussing paper piecing and she sent me this adorable image that she paper pieced as part of a project for her Dad's birthday. Isn't it adorable?
The greatest thing about these types of projects is that they are totally doable but they look amazing when they are completed.  Look closely at this is created with basic shapes (triangles, circles, rectangles).  My craft challenge for you this week is to try piecing something together, then come back and share what you created.  I promise, you will be amazed at what you can come up with.  Just start with a basic shape and keep layering until you have the look that you want. Open up your creative brain and you will have so much fun!

Here are the basics of the birthday card I created for Cyd.  The birdie is just created from two circles (notice I got the idea from Erinne's project). 

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  1. Ooo! Erinne is clever isn't she? I love the way that this turned out. I'm addicted to the new Stella & Rose line for sure! So cute Kelly!