Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Studio 5 Baby Shower Favors

I had so much fun crafting up these sweet little favors.  I made them specifically with a baby shower in mind, but they could easily be changed up to work for weddings, Easter, or any other special occasion. All of these favors were created using the new lines from Crate Paper, which I have already mentioned my love for!  I hope you enjoy the photos and instructions for the projects below!

Easy Scor-Pal Treat Holder:
I used my beloved Scor-Pal tool to whip up these quick, versatile treat holders. You can see that I created 3 completely different favors from the same basic pattern. These favors are very inexpensive to make and can be filled with a variety of treats.  Get creative with the pattern and make it work for your shower's theme (of course, I had to create an owl one!). Here is the quick how-to for these favors:

1. Cut 12X12 patterned paper to 3-4" wide (depending on the cellophane bag you are putting inside). I recommend filling the bag and laying it out with a ruler to determine how wide your paper needs to be.
2. Lay your paper horizontally across your Scor-Pal (you can use a paper cutter with a scoring blade, but the Scor-Pal is much easier).
3. Scor your paper at the 2", 6", and 8" marks

4. Find the center point of the short edge and trim it into a triangle with your scissors or paper trimmer.

5. Fold the paper along the marks so that it looks like this
Now you are ready to decorate your favor.  You can simply glue it shut or use a ribbon to tie it closed.  You can also add additional decorations to make the favor fit your theme.  Slip your filled cellophane treat bag inside and you are good to go.
Here is what I added to create the owl:

There are so many cute sayings for using popcorn at a party or event.  Using popcorn is also fabulous because it can serve a crowd for just a few dollars.  I vamped mine up just a tad by melting a bag of white chocolate chips and pouring it over the popped corn.  You could also do caramel corn for a sweet treat. Some possible sayings for using popcorn are:
"Thanks for Popping By"
"Maryanne is just about ready to Pop!"
"We are so glad he Popped the question!"
You could easily recreate these favors with a simple cellophane bag for serving, but the customized popcorn boxes are just too cute!  I cut these using my Silhouette machine which really made it quick and easy.  If you have a Silhouette machine (lucky you!) you can download the free template here.  You can also cut these out of patterned paper by hand.   Download a pdf pattern to print and cut here.  I have also included a print and cut pdf for the little "Thanks for Popping by" labels.  They can be cut using a 1 3/4" circle punch, or by hand.

Baby food jars make a perfect container for a shower favor.  I purchased mine at Walmart for $0.46 each. I chose applesauce because I have a great apple cake recipe that can use it all up.  If you have enough time before your shower, you could also order empty jars online.  Once I emptied and washed the jars, I used spray paint to coat the lids to cover up any branding.  I filled the baby girl jars with bubble bath and the boy jars with homemade hot fudge. The hot fudge makes a great filler because you can make it for relatively inexpensive and the brown is so cute!  

To make these jars at home, simply print out the pdf labels here. (I printed mine on a light patterned paper) This is a two page pdf document that has both boy and girl labels on it.  Cut apart the labels, add a little ink on the edges and glue them onto your jars. I also added ribbon to the girl jars for a little extra flair.

Don't forget to include a little sign inviting guests to take a jar and giving them a hint as to what is inside!

This project is more than just a favor...it is a party favor, a decoration and a gift all in one.  The banner can hang at your party to add color and theme to the event.  Guests can untie a treat cone from the banner and take it home with them.  After the party, you can give the remaining banner to the mommy to be.
You can download the easy print and cut pattern for the banner and cones by clicking here.  Just select paper and ribbon that fit your theme and get to work. I love using Scor-Tape to hold the cones together because it is so strong. To hang the cones from the ribbon, I stapled a small strip of paper to the top and punched a hole for the ribbon. I filled each cone with paper shred and a few yummy treats.

Want it made for you? If you would be interested in having any of my show samples for your next shower, or would like custom created projects, please contact me here for pricing and details.


  1. Thanks for sharing these! I was so excited to see the popcorn boxes on studio 5! I am planning a "pretend zoo" activity for my 3 year old. and I wanted to include a little snack stand with pop corn. These will be PERFECT!

  2. I want a skor pal. Do u know if I can get one without ordering it? I have a shower in a week and want to make the owl bag favor.

  3. Becky, try Heartland Paper. I know she is carrying scor-tape, but I am not sure if she has scor-pals in stock. You won't regret the purchase. I love mine!

  4. Hi, I saw you on Studio 5 and used the baby food jars for a baby shower i threw 2 weeks ago! it came at a perfect time, thank you! if you'd like to see mine, you can come over to my blog, http://jaynsarah.blogspot.com/2011/05/diy-baby-shower-gift-favors.html

  5. Love the jars you made Sara- thanks for sharing and adorable blog!

  6. I cant get the labels to download and i really do need them!

  7. Hi, Is there a way I can still download the Baby Preserves-FREE LABEL DOWNLOAD:. The link is saying it no longer exists. Thank you!