Friday, June 24, 2011

Europe Recap

Well, if I learned one thing from my Europe would be my dependence on the internet.  It was a major change for me to be limited in my internet access and ability to upload and post to the blog.  I am excited to be back to full access now and to start posting regularly again.

Europe was amazing! I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to go and visit three very different countries.  I was hoping to be able to post photos for you along the way, but since that didn't work out so well, I thought a little recap of my favorites would be fun.  (Don't be too surprised if the majority of my favorites are food related :)

It may take a few days worth of posting, but I will highlight my favorite parts of each of the places I visited.  First, it was off to London.

London was very different than I imagined it to be.  It was far more colonial than I envisioned.  I think my favorite parts of the city were the very iconic places that I had always heard about.  Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace.

I also adored all of the red double decker buses and telephone booths on every street (unfortunately the inside of the telephone booths was not as adorable as the outside).

Chalk it up to being in the city with three girls, but my top stop in London was possibly Harrod's. (I realize this picture looks like I am a little scared, but I promise, it is my excited face!)
I have never seen anything like it. Floors and floors of anything you can imagine! It was truly an experience.  I would compare it to "Disneyland for ladies!" We had lunch at the Terrace Cafe and it was lovely.  One of my friends ordered a Croque Madame (grilled ham and cheese topped with a fried egg), which turned out to be very delightful! It was definitely my favorite food of London... although I am quite certain it is French.

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