Monday, June 6, 2011

From London to Paris

Wow! What an amazing few power packed days I have had. London was so fun and bustling, but now we are on to Paris and I must say...I am in love! This city is so beautiful and romantic. We spent the afternoon at the Louvre followed by the evening at the Eiffle Tower. Can't wait to let my feet rest for the night and then hit the city again tomorrow. Unfortunately, I am having problems uploading pictures from an I-pad so it will have to be words for now.


  1. of course you have a blog! i didn't know until now... just catching up on some segments on Studio5! miss watching it on tv!

    also i voted for you when fotofly did their date, you were cute!

  2. forgot to ask if you know the name of the cute font that is in your header! love it! the one that simply is in...

    have fun in europe! i'd love to go back there again :)