Monday, June 27, 2011

Versailles and Notre Dame

Forget the handsome prince (okay, don't forget him, but put him on pause for this fairy tale), give me a box of Laduree Macaroons and a fine palace at Versailles and I will be one happy girl!

Our day trip to Versailles was a high point for me. It was just a quick 45 minute train ride from Paris to the country escape of the French Aristocracy.  The palace itself was absolutely beautiful (and enormous!).  It was everything you would expect a castle to be.

Each room was lavishly decorated with tapestry wall hangings and gilded mirrors.  I could easily picture fancy balls taking place in the Hall of Mirrors.

The gardens were also lovely.  It was such a gorgeous day to walk along the perfectly trimmed hedges and topiaries. However, I can't imagine doing it in a corset and hoop skirt.

We also visited Marie Antoinette's estate on the property. It was an adorable "petite" house next to the palace.  I could have wandered for a full day along the paths!

I especially loved visiting the little Hamlet that she had built so that she could play peasant.  The thatched roofs and perfectly manicured gardens were delightful.  I was pretty sure that Belle from Beauty and the Beast was going to come out of one of the little houses singing at any time!

After we visited Versailles, we went to climb the steps at Notre Dame.  The view from the top was worth the 300 some odd steps it took to get there.  The gothic architecture of this church is absolutely beautiful.  I kind of felt like I was on the Disney sing-a-long tour all day!
I really loved Paris!  I definitely need to plan another extended trip to soak it all up again.  It was lovely! I am also super happy that I used my polarizing lens for these pictures.  I am loving the clouds against the deep sky, and I haven't even photoshopped yet!

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  1. Looks like a beautiful trip! On my life list of things to do... thanks for sharing!