Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book Page Decor on Studio 5

From banners to wreaths, the book page decor trend is still going strong. Book pages can be done up in so many styles. Whether your decor is classic, contemporary or vintage, book pages are a great staple. Today on Studio 5, I showed some different ways to use book pages in your decorating. I hope these simple projects help to inspire your fall decorating! ***Be sure to check out your local thrift store for a steal of a deal on vintage books******

Vintage Dictionary Prints:
It's the big craze....vintage printed dictionary pages!  These inexpensive art pieces add a classic touch to any wall or shelf.  With a simple photo editing program, they are also very easy to create.  I am excited to work on some Halloween and Christmas versions!

To make these fun designs, I googled free "dictionary prints" and "vintage clipart".  I especially love the artwork at  It is a great source for finding beautiful vintage prints.  Once I downloaded images, I used Photoshop to layer the images and make them look a little distressed. If you don't have Photoshop or a similar editing program, I have included 6 my creations here for FREE!
Simply click on each picture and save it to your computer.  These prints were designed for 8X10 frames, but you can certainly size them down if you would like.  The images are uploaded as jpgs so you can print them on your computer or send them to a professional shop.
Mr. Owl (of course)
A Royal Touch
The Beehive State
Play Date
Looking for more fun dictionary print art work?  Check back soon for more styles that will be available for just $3 each.

Folded Book Page Pillars:
Searching for a unique piece for decorating a shelf or table?  A paperback book is all you need to create these unique pillars.  These pieces can stand alone or be used as flower vases.  The possibilities are endless!

To create a book page pillar, you will need a paper back book with at least 300 pages.  Begin by folding pages in half...and continue folding pages in half. That's it, that's all you have to do to create these fun pieces!  Once all of your pages are folded, cut out the covers and hot glue the two edges together to create a cylinder.  For books with less pages, try folding pages in half and then in half again. This will create a skinnier pillar.

To create the large loopy pillar, roll chunks (about 50-70 pages) of the book into the spine and hot glue into place.  Continue rolling in pages until you have a complete cylinder.

Play around with book sizes and shapes to create a variety of pillars for your decor.  Finish pillars off with a little distressing ink, some ribbon, and any other special touches fit your decor.

Anything Goes with Mod Podge:
I am a firm believer in the power of Mod Podge!  It is a sticky little glue that can transform a basic object into a unique art piece.  Combine mod podge and book pages and you have a fabulous creation!  Mod podge is a perfect tool to "upcycle" old items and give them a face lift.  I love to walk the isles of thrift stores and snag items that I can repurpose (the jewelry box below was $2 and it used to be yellow with painted roses).

Tips for Mod Podging with Book Pages:
1. Less is more- because book pages are so thin, you really need to go light on the mod podge to create a smooth surface that doesn't bubble.
2. Allow for dry time- allow your pieces to dry completely before applying a top coat. This will help to reduce bubbling.
3. Go for a mosaic- tear apart book pages and apply them in random patterns to cover 3d or odd shaped pieces.  To create the vintage pumpkin, randomly tear apart book pages, soak them in mod podge and press them onto your pumpkin.  Keep your hands good and gluey so that you can rub and smooth pieces.

4. Background Basics- book pages make amazing backdrops for paper pieced art. They add more character than a plain piece of paper, but are subtle enough to sit in the background.
5. Bring on the Color-don't feel constrained to use simply black and white pages.  Vintage children's books have adorable images that can create some really unique pieces.  I used a kids alphabet book to create this fun jewelry box.


  1. I saw you on Studio 5 and want to download the dictionary pages. When I save the .jpg on my desktop, the image is distorted and sideways. I have tried both the crown and the beehive state. I can print it directly from the website, but can't get an 8X10 that way.

  2. Fun! Love your creativity and sharing of great ideas!

  3. Book page decoration is very coll idea to reuse and get advantage from old useless books.

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