Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Countdown to Halloween on Studio 5

It's that time once again to COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN!  You may be thinking, aren't you a week late to start counting down October? Well, this year, I decided to switch things up a bit and countdown 13 spooky days to the ghoulish holiday. By doing the unlucky 13 days, you aren't counting down a full 31, which gets a little bit long for the little ones. And, the best part is, you don't have to start counting down until October 18th, so you have plenty of time to complete these projects.

This year, I created 5 different countdowns that are sure to bring the spirit of Halloween straight into your home.  I hope you enjoy the patterns and instructions below.

I created this haunted countdown using the new black and orange envelopes from Doodlebug Design. I love these envelopes because they are the perfect colors and they have an adorable rounded scallop flap that really adds to the countdown.  Although these envelopes were perfect for my creation, you can use any envelope that has a top flap.  To embellish the envelopes I used pattern paper and embellishments from Teresa Collins' Haunted Hallows line.

I adhered patterned paper to the front of each envelope and then attached envelopes together so that flaps were open and easy to access. To reinforce the adhesive, I sewed along the edges of the envelopes, being careful not to sew the flaps closed.  (If you don't have access to a sewing machine, you can add a few staples along the edge).  For a fun decorative look, you can sew or staple strips of folded ribbon into the edges as well.


I am obviously loving the Doodlebug Design Halloween line this year.  To create this fun banner, I used the scallop circle cards from their card line, patterned paper, twine and lots of lovely coordinating embellishments.  I love this line because it is so kid friendly.  Lots of cute characters for the kids to enjoy.

To make this banner on your own, you will want to make 6 pennant pockets.  You can get 2 pockets out of each piece of 12X12 paper, so you will need three sheets.  Download the PAPER PENNANT TEMPLATE here.  Cut and fold the pennants and then adhere them together so that you have a pocket to put treats in.  Punch a hole in each corner to thread your ribbon or twine through.  Add numbers as desired for a countdown.  You can download the numbers for all of my projects here.
To create the sucker flap, wrap a strip of paper around the open base of the card.  Adhere the strip in the back.  Place your sucker so that it fits directly in the card opening and then punch two holes along the sucker stick so that you can weave it through the card. Decorate the front of the card as desired. Punch holes in either side of the back of the card and tie them onto your banner.

Alternate cards and pennants to create a fun and colorful banner.  Stuff each pennant with treats and goodies for the kids to get to each day.


You already know that I am FRANKIE crazy!  I switched up my FRANKIE KIT a little to include a countdown to candy!  You can still purchase either the kit or pattern only for this fun little monster, but it will now include the numbers and sign to make your kit into a countdown for the same price!  Kits will ship out for FREE within 24 hours of purchase!

If you would like to see the tutorial on the accordian circle, visit my circus segment here. (This tutorial also comes in the kit and pattern)

I guess I will always be a bit of a vintage junkie!  I was inspired with a similar flip frame that I saw on Little Birdie Secrets and of course I had try a version of my own. This countdown is sooooooo easy to make, you can whip it out in just an hour.  All you need is a dollar store 4x6 frame, my FREE PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD, two 3" rings, a hole punch (I used my Cropadile) and you are good to go!  To view detailed instructions and photos of the process, download the instruction sheet here.

I created this countdown using the classic Star Book Pattern idea with a little twist.  Instead of just making pages, I folded each sheet of paper to create a pocket.  Because this project is a little more instruction intense, I will be posting a full tutorial tomorrow at the latest.  Sorry for the delay, but I promise, it will be worth the wait!


  1. Love these ideas, you're so creative. I found your site from the Doodlebug blog!

  2. I saw your segment while home sick this week. It is great to see someone else so into the vintage part of a holiday. It is one of my favorite things to check out. I am making the vintage calendar this weekend for my grandaughter to enjoy. Thanks for your creativity and sharing with others.

  3. These are AWESOME ideas!!! Thank you so much for the download - I am late for this year, but I might put one of the frame flip books together for next year!!!

  4. The file for the Halloween countdown is no longer available.