Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chain of Gratitude

Although most of me is sad to be taking down my Halloween decorations, I am so happy to be heading towards Thanksgiving.  November is typically a month where we focus on gratitude and giving thanks for our many blessings.  I thought it might be fun this year to make a "Chain of Gratitude".  Starting with today, I am going to make three "thankful strips" each day. The strips will join together and by Thanksgiving I will have a nice long chain.  I am also going to let friends and family who stop by add onto the chain.  Life is so wonderful and I think this little chain will be a fun way to focus on my many blessings each day.
Each link of the chain will be made from a 1x6" strip of patterned paper that is stapled into a loop.  I just used a sharpie to write on my strips.  Keep it simple and enjoy the beauty of your blessings!

1 comment:

  1. Love this idea. We are starting this today! Thanks for the idea!