Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas Countdowns on Studio 5-2012 Edition

It's that time again.  Christmas is just around the corner and that means COUNTDOWN CALENDARS! Today on Studio 5, I shared 5 fresh ideas for your holiday countdown celebration.
The Bubble Countdown

This countdown couldn't be easier to create.  It is so simple, you might just make them for kids, friends, family and more.

To create this calendar:
1. Download the printable countdown numbers, print them on patterned paper, and cut out each one (a 1" circle punch makes cutting these numbers a snap).
2. Using a pair of small detail scissors, cut large bubble wrap into a tree shape. Use the pattern on the download to get a perfect image, be sure to avoid the bubbles you want to save.  Don't stress if you prick an bubble you were planning to use, you can always cut individual bubbles and "transplant" them in to your tree shape.  This is a great technique if you have a section of bubbles with one popped right in the middle.
3. Once you have your tree cut, apply adhesive to the back of each # and lightly press onto each bubble.
4. To finish the countdown, I cut a piece of patterned paper and used it as a backer in a black frame.  A frame gives great stability to the countdown.
5. Pop one bubble a day through December until Christmas arrives.

The Old Saint Nick Countdown

If you made Olive, Frankie and Tom, you will have to add Old St. Nick to your Collection.  My paper pieced patterns are simple and inexpensive to make on your own.  All you need is your own patterned paper, adhesive, ink and a few red pearls.

When completed, Old St. Nick is roughly 20" and can hang on any wall, door, or wreath hanger. You can fill this countdown with mini candy canes, notes, activities or more. The pattern also includes a "Merry Christmas" title so you can take away the "Countdown to Christmas" sign and you also have an adorable decor piece for your home.

The Old St. Nick pattern can be purchased for $5 and will be emailed to you within 48 hours of purchase.  

Old St. Nick Pattern $5

Gingerbread Village Countdown

I adore these little miniature gingerbread houses!  This original countdown makes a great holiday centerpiece.  It would also work fabulously on a shelf or mantle.

Each little box houses a holiday treat, activity or thought.  You can create your own village with just the gingerbread patterns (see below) and some white cardstock.  I did a village of 12 houses and displayed them with some iridescent snow flakes on an inexpensive platter.  
To create a gingerbread village of your own:
1. Download the three townhouse patterns below as well as the townhouse doors.

2. Print each pattern on cardstock as many times as desired on white cardstock.
3. Cut out and assemble each house as shown.
4. Place treats, notes, or activities in each box before sealing.
5. Punch a small hole in both sides of roof edge and tie shut with ribbon.
6. Attach doors with pop dots as desired.  

Shoe Organizer Pocket Countdown

If you want a countdown that you can really pack with goodies, this one is perfect for you!

This countdown was crafted up using a classic vinyl shoe organizer.  I purchased mine at Walmart for under $6!  To create my calendar, I used the Mistletoe line from Bo Bunny Press.  If you would like to duplicate my calendar, you will need the following:

1-shoe organizer
1- 12x12 Mistletoe by Bo Bunny cardstock sticker
6- sheets 12x12 patterned paper
1- sheet countdown number paper
1- Christmas Countdown Title (printed on white cardstock)
Coordinating Ribbon

1. Begin by cutting the number paper apart and then cut the 12X12 patterns into 24- 4x8 pieces.  To get the most bang for your buck, cut the 12X12 paper first at 8", the 4" strip becomes your first piece. Then turn the remaining sheet and cut it into 3 4X8 pieces.  You should get 4- 4x8 pieces from each of the six sheets.  Slip one sheet in to each pocket.
2. Adhere cardstock stickers and number pieces to the front of the coordinating pockets as desired.  
3.Print and cut the Christmas Countdown Title and adhere it to the top of the hanger.
4. Punch holes along edges the space between pockets and weave your ribbon through it.  Tie bits of ribbon to the hangers at the top of the pockets. 
5. Stuff each pocket with a treat or gift for the day and watch December fly away!

Now, as if that isn't easy enough...You can also buy a ready to go kit of the Shoe Organizer Countdown!!!  The kit comes complete with the organizer, paper, stickers, ribbon and title to complete your own countdown.  You will even receive detailed color pictures and instructions for assembling your kit.  Kits will begin shipping on November 15th and are limited, so purchase yours today.

Shoe Organizer Pocket Countdown Kit $30-Sorry-All Sold Out!

Hardware Drawer Organizer Countdown
This utility organizer is super chic and contemporary...with a cutesy twist of course!

To create this Christmas countdown, I glammed up a 22 drawer hardware organizer from Home Depot (approximately $17).  This countdown was so much fun to make because each drawer is like its own little canvas waiting to be decorated.  The Aspen Frost line from Basic Grey was perfect for the task.  I used the assorted papers and embellishments to create each unique drawer front.

To create your own Hardware Countdown:
1. Cut pattern paper to fit the front of each drawer. Adhere paper to drawer fronts.
2. Decorate each drawer with stickers, embellishments, ribbon and bling as desired.
3. Print your countdown numbers on cardstock and cut to fit the pull of each drawer handle.  Adhere each number in place.
4. Create a sign for the top of your countdown by folding a 6x12" strip of patterned paper into fourths. Adhere two of the fourths together to create a triangle.  Adhere stickers or printed title and embellishments as desired.
5. Fill each drawer with a holiday goodie and open one for each day of December.

I am so excited for the holiday season to be upon us!  What a wonderful time of year to express thanks and love for each other and all that we have! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!


  1. i love the hardware drawer advent calender. where did you get all the paper and sticker to decorate it? thanks

  2. Thanks! I am glad you like it, I like that one too! All of the paper and embellishments are from the Aspen Frost line from Basic Grey. You should be able to get them from any local scrapbook store. If you are along the Wasatch front, I would suggest checking Heartland Paper, Heartfelt Creations, or Paper Creations.

  3. I love these ideas, but one suggestion for the countdown tree... To make it reusable, instead of bubble wrap bubbles use the small plastic snack containers from places like Dollar Tree/Store. Glue the containers on the frame in your shape (tree or wreath) and decorate the removable lids. A small treat or toy can be tucked inside, wrapped in a bit of tissue to keep it hidden. Stickers, inexpensive rings or jewelry for older kids, a special chocolate, toy coins (or a real one), etc.

    Thanks for sharing!

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