Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to School Countdowns on Studio 5

The last sun-kissed days of summer are upon us, and that means it's time to start counting down to the first day of school.  Here are five fun and simple ways to celebrate heading to the classroom. 

1. Chalk it Up with Library Cards:  An ordinary chalkboard becomes a scholastic countdown by adding a few vintage library pockets. Making your own is so easy.
Just print and cut my library cards on white cardstock.  Write daily challenges, chores or activities on each card.
Cut strips of coordinating patterned paper to 3.5x6.5 and fold into a pocket.  Wrap a 1/2 inch strip of coordinating paper around pockets to secure.
Punch holes in top of pockets and thread with ribbon or baker's twine.
Tie ends of twine to chalkboard as desired.
Apply sticker letters as a title or write in chalk directly on chalk board.

2. Lunch Sack Surprise: Getting new school supplies is always a treat!  Instead of turning supplies over to your kids in one lump sum, use lunch sacks to create a school-lunch surprise.
All you need to complete this countdown are 10 classic lunch sacks, my lunch sack tags, a stapler and school supplies for each bag.  Print and cut my lunch sack tags onto cardstock.  Place a supply or treat in each sack and fold down top.  Use a stapler to secure tag.

3. Clip It Up Countdown:  A basic clipboard is easily transformed into a spiffy countertop countdown.
To complete this project, you'll need a memo size clipboard, my clipboard countdown (printed on white paper and cut to size), ribbon and stickers as desired.  Once assembled, have your children change out the sheets each day until school arrives.

4. An Apple-A-Day Brings School Our Way:  You can create this decorative countdown using a jar you already have at home, or buy a new apothecary jar.  Fill the jar with as many apples as desired and attach my apple countdown tag with ribbon.  It's as easy as that!

5. Print and Color:  This free printable from is so user friendly.  They have 4 different countdown options, so you're sure to find one that fits your print and use needs.  I love the coloring book option that allows kids to customize their own countdown.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Simple Summer Invites

We all know summer is full of fun outdoor parties.  Well, why not start those parties off with a show stopping invitation?  Here are six simple summer invites that will get your bash rolling!

For a Swim Party:

Flip Flop-Print invitation on cardstock and then trace your flip flop onto the printed paper.  Cut out the invation along the drawn edge and adhere to inside of sandal.
Arm Floaty-Float on By- Blow up arm floaty and tuck a printed 1/4 page printed invitation into the center.  Use the tagline "Float on By"

For a BBQ:

Napkin- Print an invitation on standard white paper.  Cut and adhere to napkin.  Wrap colorful silverware in the napkin and tie with baker's twine. Attach a little BBQ tag for an extra touch.
You can also simplify by printing your invitation on cardstock and adhering it to the plain napkin.

Soda Pop Can- Pop on by- Print your invitation on standard print paper.  Cut invitation and wrap and adhere to pop can.  Use the tagline "Pop" on by.

Neighborhood Gathering:

Water Balloon- Print invite on paper strip. Roll strip up and tuck it inside balloon. Blow up balloon and tie a "you're invited" tag onto the ballon tie.  Guests will pop the balloon to get the invitation.  We hope you'll "pop" over to our neighborhood bash.

Ticket Strip- Print invitation details on word strips and attach to the back side of a ticket roll. Fold tickets and tie with a string or twine.  Guests will open their ticket to fun to retreive party details. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chart Your Summer Bucket List with Style!

 It’s almost summertime, and I am planning for a fun-filled season! With so many exciting things to accomplish in a few short months, planning and goal setting are vital. I’ve long been a fan of the “bucket list” concept, and creating a summer bucket list helps motivate me towards meeting my goals and having a memorable summer.

Whether you have children at home, enjoy grandchildren on occasion, or are single; your bucket list can be customized to meet your needs. Creating a family summer bucket list is a great way to involve your children in summer planning and get them excited for the upcoming months. A summer bucket list can have a theme, or be completely random. Here are some fun ideas for creating your own bucket list for this year: 

Destinations to visit
Books to read
Activities to try
Festivals/Parades to attend
Chores to get done
Projects to complete
People to visit
School Stuff (learn times tables or read 5 new words, etc)
Recipes to try 

Once you’ve decided on your list, creating a fun chart to track your progress will encouraged you and your family along the way. Of course, this is the best part…making an adorable décor item with function is always inspiring! 

Here are five fun, creative ways I designed to track your summer bucket list: 

Bucket of Summer Fun:
This simple idea goes back to the bucket list basics! To create this tracker, start with a small colorful metal bucket (I got mine from the dollar store). Print each of your bucket list goals on a piece of coordinating colored paper and cut the goals into strips (about 1/4x2.5” in size). Adhere goals to the flat side of clothespins with a tape runner or good adhesive. Add patterned paper strips in the same size to the opposite side of clothes pins so that both sides are covered. Add ribbon or other embellishments as desired. Use sticker letters to label your bucket. You can also add tags or additional embellishments to dress up your bucket. 
Attach decorated clothespins around the top of your bucket, as goals are completed during the summer, remove the clothespins and place them in the bucket. By the end of the summer, your bucket will be full of the fun you’ve had! 

Single Theme Bucket

If you’ve created a themed bucket list, this is a great solution to track your progress. The best part is… it is a breeze to create! All you need is a pail or bucket (mine was $1.49 at Michaels), a tag or title, ribbon, and something to represent your theme.

You can fill your bucket with books to read, sheets of school work to complete, crafty project pieces, gardening tools to use, ingredients for recipes to try, etc. Each time you want to accomplish a goal, pull an item out of your bucket and get to it. By the end of the summer, your bucket should be empty. 

Pin-able Summertime Wall Hanging:
If you’re looking for a way to chart your bucket list progress that will make a big statement in your home, this is the project for you.
Follow these simple steps to create this interactive chart: 
1. Spray paint a large cork board. You will need to apply several coats because the cork absorbs the paint. Allow the board to dry well. For a distressed look, rub the edges of the board with the sharp edge of a ruler to flake off some paint. 
2. Cut patterned paper (I used My Mind’s Eye’s brand new line) into sixteen 4x6 rectangles. Distress the edges of each paper by rubbing a dark ink pad along the edge. 
3. Print or handwrite goals on solid cardstock and cut to 1.75x3.75. Leave an area to write the date when the goal is completed. Attach goals to patterned paper using adhesive. 
4. Attach 4x6 goal cards to cork using basic tacks in each corner. 
5. Decorate the board as desired with a title, ribbons, embellishments, buttons, etc. 
6. Take a picture or journal about each goal as it is completed. Cut the picture/journaling spot to 3.75x4 and adhere it to the coordinating goal card. 

7. When the summer is over, you can compile goal cards into a summer mini book. The board can be reused for years to come! 

Sheet Pan Chart: 

Make your summer plans “pan out” with this customizable chart. Start with a basic cookie sheet (make sure your magnets will adhere) and add patterned paper and embellishments as desired. Make it over-the-top or keep it simple, personalize it for your needs. Print goals on coordinating cardstock and adhere each goal to a magnetic strip. Start with all of your goals in the “to do” column and move them to the “did it” column as they are completed. You can display your chart on an easel or hang it with a decorative ribbon. 

Waterfall Envelope Memento Keeper: 

If you want to go beyond the basic check off chart and really record your summer, this chart will do just that. It can be created using any top-flap envelope. 
Adhere patterned paper to the front of each envelope and then attached envelopes together so that flaps are open and easy to access. Connect envelopes together using colorful brads or staples. For a fun decorative look, you can sew or staple strips of folded ribbon into the edges as well. 

Use sticker letters or print goals on paper strips and adhere them to each individual envelope flap, then as goals are completed, fill the envelope with mementos, journaling cards, tickets, or photos from the event. 
At the end of the summer, you can remove the brads and assemble the envelopes into a summer flip book of memories!