Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Simple Summer Invites

We all know summer is full of fun outdoor parties.  Well, why not start those parties off with a show stopping invitation?  Here are six simple summer invites that will get your bash rolling!

For a Swim Party:

Flip Flop-Print invitation on cardstock and then trace your flip flop onto the printed paper.  Cut out the invation along the drawn edge and adhere to inside of sandal.
Arm Floaty-Float on By- Blow up arm floaty and tuck a printed 1/4 page printed invitation into the center.  Use the tagline "Float on By"

For a BBQ:

Napkin- Print an invitation on standard white paper.  Cut and adhere to napkin.  Wrap colorful silverware in the napkin and tie with baker's twine. Attach a little BBQ tag for an extra touch.
You can also simplify by printing your invitation on cardstock and adhering it to the plain napkin.

Soda Pop Can- Pop on by- Print your invitation on standard print paper.  Cut invitation and wrap and adhere to pop can.  Use the tagline "Pop" on by.

Neighborhood Gathering:

Water Balloon- Print invite on paper strip. Roll strip up and tuck it inside balloon. Blow up balloon and tie a "you're invited" tag onto the ballon tie.  Guests will pop the balloon to get the invitation.  We hope you'll "pop" over to our neighborhood bash.

Ticket Strip- Print invitation details on word strips and attach to the back side of a ticket roll. Fold tickets and tie with a string or twine.  Guests will open their ticket to fun to retreive party details. 

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