Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Vintage Valentine's Printables

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I have been scoping out fun projects to bring a little love to friends and family.

I am completely giddy over these adorable free printables from Paper Gravy!

Nikki designed a range of free Valentines Day (Beatles inspired!) printables for you to make using various images from the lovely graphics fairy website! 

Here are her step by step instructions for crafting up a gift label which you can personalize with your own hand written message, and a range of buffet flags and  2" circles which are great as cupcake toppers or party favors.


color printer, scissors, double sided tape (or glue), lolly pop stick /straws/ cocktail sticks, 2" circle craft punch (not essential)

To make the Buffet flags; 


Click HERE for the full size Printable PDF

Print off the buffet flag page onto letter size or A4 size paper. Fold flags in half along the dotted line.

Cut out each flag carefully with scissors.

Place straw or cocktail pick/lolly pop stick inside the fold of the flag.

then stick both sides together using double sided tape.

Your flags are now ready to decorate your valentine's buffet!

Bottle Gift Label; 


Click HERE for the full size Printable PDF

Print off and cut out the label, carefully cut out the inner circle to the required size. 

Fold each section of the label (you can also cut off the small section of the tag and use as a gift tag) 

Pop over your chosen bottle, fill out your own personal message on the tag at the back.

Cupcake Toppers 


Click HERE for the full size Printable PDF

Cut out each topper using either a 2" circle craft punch, or using scissors. 

Secure to a lolly pop stick/straw using a small amount of sticky tape.

Use as cupcake toppers, party favour decorations or anything else you can think of!...

Nikki made her own coordinating bunting by cutting out triangles of patterned paper, attached together with ribbon. Finally, decorate with your circles! 

Create your own bottle decorations using ribbon tied around the bottle neck and held in place with a circular topper! 

What an amazing tutorial and download!

If you like these designs, pop over to for many other vintage inspired printables!

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