Monday, July 14, 2014

The Perfect Picnic on Studio 5

Today I had the blessing of visiting with the great people at Studio 5 and sharing some fun ideas for papering up your outdoor party or picnic.  I have to admit, I'm pretty much in love with this bright and cheery dining setup that can be customized for any occasion.
For this festive table, I began with standard kraft packing paper. I rolled the paper out to create a blank crafting canvas.  I stenciled artisan label shapes directly onto the kraft paper and then used acrylic craft paint to fill in the drawn label. This paint project came alive to create custom place mats for each place setting.
Then, I added a fringed crepe paper skirt to the table to give the scene a splash of whimsy! This skirt was so easy to create using basic rolls of colored crepe paper and a pair of scissors.  Fringing the crepe paper adds so much dimension and texture to the basic streamers.  I love the look it created!
To create the fringed skirt, I layered the correct lengths of crepe paper streamers into cu-table stacks. Being careful not to cut through the width of the streamer, I used scissors to cut fringe in both sides of the crepe paper stack.

A great tutorial for fringed streamers can be found at A Subtle Reverly.
After you've fringed your streamers, group them into color splashes and staple each grouping together.  I draped my groupings onto twine and attached the twine to the table top using tablecloth clips.  Using the clips makes the garland of streamers reusable for my next event!
For years I've been dreaming of creating a portable canopy holder that could be used for different drapes and banners.  This is the project that finally made that dream a reality!

To create the banner canopy, I picked up 4 metal poles (electrical conduit) from the hardware store.  I had the very nice men at the store cut my poles to size for me, then I used spray paint to add color to the poles.
Once my poles were painted, I used quick dry cement mix (available at the hardware store-typically used to mount flag poles or mailboxes) to secure the poles in cute buckets I found at the dollar store.
Now, don't let the idea of pouring cement overwhelm you...It was so easy!  All I had to do was pour the cement mix into the bucket and add the correct amount of water.  I stirred the mix together with the pole and then stuck the pole into the mix.  I did use a level to make sure my pole was standing up straight and then I secured the pole in the upright position while it dried.  The quick set cement takes about 20 minutes to set and I bought a 50lb bag for under $5!
Once the cement was set, I threw in some leftover streamers to cover up the cement and dress up the bucket a bit more.
I topped each pole with a crystal doorknob-also available at the hardware store. The doorknobs come in sets of two, so I only had to buy 2 packages.  At about $8 each, they make the most adorable finials for my canopy!
The canopy really came together when I added a variety of mixed medium banners.  Try using different elements, sizes, shapes and colors in your banners to give it a flea market feel.  I also draped streamers of tulle and crepe paper from the top of each pole.
I draped banners at different heights from all 4 poles to create a fun paperie canopy!
No picnic is complete without a delicious basket of goodies!  For these picnic baskets I picked up fun red baskets from the dollar store. At $1 each, you can't get cuter!
I lined my baskets with coordinating tissue paper and filled them with a delectable variety of tasty picnic treats.
I used a pre-made chalkboard label (available at Michael's for 2 for $1.50) to customize each basket for my guests.  A simple paper pinwheel added the final touch of happiness to each basket.
Whether you're having a birthday party, a bridal shower, or just a fun summer gathering with friends, I hope these snippets of creativity will enhance your celebration.  I had a delightful time enjoying this summer picnic with a few of my closest girlfriends! Happy summer!

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