Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Another Year of Christmas Countdowns on Studio 5

With another year down, it's time once again for my Studio 5 Christmas countdown segment!  This year, I made things unique with a pop and a punch and a pull.  In fact, each calendar is unique with it's own interactive activity.  One of the best parts of these countdowns is the inexpensive price.  Each countdown can be completed for just a few dollars!

Balloon Pop Banner
I'm just a little obsessed with this fun, happy, cheerful countdown that is a total breeze to make!  I used dollar store red balloons and a white Bistro Chalk Marker (available at craft supply stores and Walmart) to complete this popping advent.  Simply stuff your balloons full of treats, blow them up, write on your numbers and decorate them as desired and use clothespins to hang them on a strung ribbon.  This advent really looks just adorable hanging across the scope of a room.  Each day, your little ones will love to pop a balloon and collect their fallen goodies!

Balloon Pop Board
The same popping principle applies to this mini board version of the balloon advent calendar.  I used a pre-wrapped canvas (available at craft stores) and cherry bomb water balloons to create this fun countdown.  Simply stuff the balloons with treats, blow them up, write on your numbers and decorate them as desired and then pull each balloon tie through a punched hole in the canvas.  I used a screwdriver and hammer to punch 24 holes in equally spaced rows.  The pictured canvas is 18x24.  
Advent Punch Box
This advent is another fun action packed way to count down the season.  It's so simple to create and lets you get back to your elementary crafting skills.  Just find a box, some wrapping paper, tissue and tinsel, and get going.  This idea was inspired by STUDIO DIY.  You can find her full great tutorial here.  I used my Dremel tool to create the box holes, and it was a breeze...remember...tinsel is like a crafting bandaid, it will fix all your raw edges.
Egg Carton Advent
Because eggs come in 24's, i've always wanted to craft an egg carton countdown.  This countdown was created using a clear egg carton from Costco.  Simply cut off the top of the carton, glue ribbon in the base of each hole, add a treat and thread your ribbon through a 1 3/4 inch circle punch.  Each day, untie a ribbon until the treats are all gone!

Chinese Lantern Popper Countdown
This countdown is so happy and festive.  The tinsel and cup shape give it a bit of a Chinese lantern feel, which I love!  These popping pinatas were inspired by Handmade Charlotte.  You can see her full tutorial here.  My version includes a cupcake liner cup, some twine for threading and beads as a pull tassel.  Get creative and have fun making yours custom for your style!

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  1. This commencement is so cheerful and bubbly. The tinsel and container shape give it somewhat of a Chinese lamp feel, which I cherish!