A collage is an artistic assemblage of different kinds of materials which is usually from scrap.

It is an artwork which can be made out of photos, paper, newsprint, magazine pages and other objects.

“Collage” was derived from the French word, “coller”, which means “to glue in”, or “to stick in”. This do-it-yourself art project is widely used in schools.

The most popular raw materials for collages are magazine clippings, colored construction paper, and old newspapers.

Making a collage is always fun and exciting.

Aside from the fulfillment that one feels after finishing a project, collage making is also therapeutic, as it relaxes the body, mind, and soul.

It enhances your creativity and allows you to experiment on things.

What is more interesting in collages is that you get to create your own designs.

You can conceptualize your own idea and plan your project.

It is up to you on how to make your ideas and concepts come alive!

So how do you make a collage?

Surprisingly, collages are so easy to create.

Follow these three simple steps and you’re on your way creating your very own collage!

1. Gather all your materials. Glue, Bond papers, magazine, newspapers, photos, and board.

2. Cut, design, and layout of your collage on the board. Putting into details the most essential photos.

3. Glue it in and do the finishing touches.

As simple as that! 3 steps and you’re done with your photo collage.

You can also incorporate three-dimensional objects on the collage to make it more interesting!

Adding electronic images, and attaching them to a catchy digital background will also make it look more innovative and creative.

The best part of it all is that this project can be displayed nicely on different parts of your home.

You can showcase your collage on the following areas in the house:

  • walls
  • stairs
  • table tops
  • headboards
  • fridges
  • living room
  • kitchen
  • dining room

Now you know how easy it is to make this art project.

What are you waiting for? Gather up your materials now, and start lay-outing your project.

The possibilities are endless, and your ideas are limitless.

So let your imagination come alive and try this DIY art activity.

Research shows that art activities relieve stress and tension.

It turns a negative mood into a positive one. Hence, coloring and drawing can do wonders in minimizing anxiety.

That is why most psychologists advise their clients to go to art therapies when needed.

Engage in art therapy and improve your psychological and mental health.

So, make your own collage now and bring out the artist in you.

Hone your creative skills and enhance your imagination.

Design your own concept now and experience how relaxing and therapeutic it is to be creative.

In addition to this, it is also advisable that you acquaint your kids with arts and crafts.

Introducing arts to them as early as possible will greatly benefit them in the future.

Expose and train them young.

This will help develop their cognitive abilities.

So, remember to let them participate with you as you make your collage project!